Medicine of the House

The proverb "My House is my Fortress" has become widely popular, to underline our confidence to be safe and well protected in our House.

Okay, maybe that is true when we talk about street crime! But this is not always the case, regarding all kinds of negative, external influences, which sometimes could be fatal: harmful underground waves or negative entities gastroling or co-existing with us in "our fortress"...

 Does it happen to you that:

- you feel your own home antagonistic and uncomfortable

- your sleep is restless, missing or you are waking up often and for a long time

- you have various physical pains - without a reasonable explanation of their origin

- you often get negative thoughts, melancholy, depression

The reason for this very often is the energy pollution of your home!

We study the geobiology and energy status of your House. With the application of various techniques of modern Radiesthesia we minimize and in most cases, completely eliminate the destructive influence of harmful telluric waves and/or negative entities. The health and comfort of your home is restored! Cleansing the home from negative ifluences is recommendable, as well when changing accommodation, moving into a new residence or after a long and serious illness of a person living in the same house.