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Energy body of man My name is Zvezdelina Triffonova and I was born in Varna, Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a country with very strong vibrations, a lot of healing energy. All this has played a major role for my development.

I am engaged in alternative medicine for more than 20 years. I have an university education, a course on Reflexotherapy of the feet /2003 - Singapore/, and training for a consultant in alternative medical therapies and healthy feeding /1995 - Moscow/ and an energy therapeutist diploma /Antwerp 2013/.

Of course the last three are just in addition to the paranormal capability, that I have by birth - high sensitivity, ability to see in the human body what with ordinary eye cannot be seen. These capacities of mine are examined and proved /1999 - 2000/ by a team of medical and other specialists in a hospital in a canton of Glarus, Switzerland. The capacity to work from a distance has helped me to work with patients from different countries.

But the greatest importance I attach to the experience I gather with every person. Every strong contact with another enriches me, and the more I give, the more I receive, develop and grow. I sense intuitively the person in front of me, I feel I can and want to help him, I like it, arouses some kind of interest in me.

It remains for the person to believe that there are other forces in the Cosmos, that help us, subserve, protect. And to be ready to walk on the way to the Spiritual.

And here I would like to explain - I do not reject the traditional medicine. On the contrary - I respect a lot the achievements of the medical science. But I believe that it is not enough for us to be in harmony and balance. The best is combination of both. And that is the future.