Reflexology, the spot massage of feet respectively, is meant to achieving balance of the 4 Elements /Earth, Water, Air, Fire/ in the human body.

There are situated spots on our feet corresponding with every organ, with the endocrine glands, muscles and nerves. As pressure is applied upon these spots in a certain way, the blood and lymph circulations are improved. This on its part stimulates the excretion of toxins from the organs. This natural way induces removing of blockages, improvement of blood circulation, and from there, improving on the functions of the whole organism. The massage acts relaxingly and at the same time  the person feels a big rush of energy and strength. The blood pressure is balanced. The energy circulates well in the whole body. The massage has a great effect in cases of stress,  migraine, sleeplessness, chronic diseases of the urinary system and the pancreas, colitis and constipation. Reflexology stimulates the occurrence of natural processes in the human body and contributes to the physical and spiritual harmony.