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Quantum healing

The quantum healing is the healing of the body and spirit and this is the future of our health. Change is the birth characteristic of our universe and it has been changing particularly fast in the last decade.
Our conviction and faith remain that consciousness creates the reality, that expectations decisively impact results, that awareness, attention and intent alongside medicine, surgery and chemotherapy enable the process of healing.

Quantum healing gives us the inspiration and appreciation that at one level our human body exists in and as a product of consciousness. When we talk about holistic healing, we mean both the physical body and our spirit. Our body knows how to exist in balance, therefore if we would like it to self-heal, we need to return it to this equilibrium.
For a complete recovery we need to apply internal methods alongside external ones such as surgery, medicine or radiation.

Our genes are a piece of DNA information. Memory is more enduring than matter. The human cell is a piece of memory encapsulated in matter. Our body is the place which our memory calls its home.

The holistic approach has at its core not the disease but the person – his or her experience, emotions, thoughts and actions. Our human body metabolises everything we think, see, hear, touch or feel and turns it into us. Our human body is a collection of all our experiences.