Bach therapie

More than a century ago, Eduard Bach - an English doctor and a homeopath lays the grounds of a entirely new healing concept. He finds out that extracts from some flowers act exceptionally salutary on the emotional balancing and harmonization of people. Besides, he finds that different flowers have beneficial effects for specific emotional imbalances. So, in 1936, a little before he finishes his earthly pilgrimage, doctor Bach completes his work of genius. He presents to the world a system of 38 flowers, corresponding and treating all basic emotional disorders seen in people.

Doctor Bach's system is simple, because it treats the displayed emotions and does not need analysis of the deep reasons. At the same time it is universal, because it is not connected functionally with certain environmental conditions - climate, latitude, period. Even today, in our busy and modern world, treatment with Bach's Flowers is more and more actual and advisable.

Like most of the natural medicinal practices, Bach's Flowers are applied by stages. First the clearly displayed emotions are treated - the ones on the surface, and only after their balancing, it is continued to the next, deeper emotional layer.

The harmonization of the emotional body has a salutary effect on the mental and physical bodies. Cases of considerable improvement of chronic diseases, based on emotional reasons are not rare.

Treatment with Bach's Flowers cannot be applied with same effectiveness in all diseases, i.e. the essences are not heal-all. In presence of serious energetic deformations and energetic interferences in the fine bodies, the treatment of doctor Bach is found to be insufficiently effective. In cases like this, first a cleaning of the fine bodies is needed, karmic energies are balanced, the whole energetic system is harmonized, and only then is Bach's treatment applied.

On the other hand doctor Bach's Flowers are a wonderful practice, adding to the completed energetic and radiesthesical treatment. Bach therapy is a wonderful fine regulator of the energetic system after implemented basic treatments.